Diverse, simplistic, groovy – those are some of the descriptions I get from my audience.
To me, life is a wondrous miracle, and serves as inspiration and as a source for my musical ideas. My lyrics are stories that speak of many different things and they will take you to a different world. My songs are mostly in German, but I also write and compose English songs.

It is my intention to reach the hearts of my audience. To be a reminder of the power waiting inside each of us, and the magical qualities of music.

My former stage name was Cat Balou°; but as I grew more and more into my own artistic expression, I have found that I no longer need to hide behind a name, and now go on stage under my own christian name, Catriona°.

I mostly travel solo, with my Martin guitar and very little equipment. This makes me very flexible and I enjoy the freedom of being able to play anywhere at short notice.However I am also very grateful for all opportunity to play with wonderful musicians and colleagues.


Catriona° Fortuna
Catriona° Prophecy


Living Room Concerts

To play in people‘s living rooms has become my specialty – and my favorite way of presenting music. I have played on large stages in the past too, of course. But nothing compares to the personal and vibrant relationship that I can build with my audience in the safe and cozy surroundings of a living room.
I deeply love this work and I am grateful for all the encounters, experiences and the amazing hospitality my hosts have shown me over the years in over 200 living room concerts.

Independent Art

I believe that real music, handmade and authentic, without any big hoopla and big external effects has a profound power to touch people‘s hearts and reach their souls. This is my calling. And it is not about me. I am merely a channel, and I feel blessed and lucky to be able to „receive“ music and then pass it on.It is my big passion to take the music back to where I believe it belongs – to the listeners themselves. Not in the grip of big media or corporations who then exploit it to the last drop of creativity for capitalism’s sake.

Which is why my music will remain independent, honest and straightforward.

I am no member of any performing rights society and I have no ties to any third party with claims to my creativity. I am of the opinion that music „belongs“ to no one. Not even me.
As so many of the great musical masters of the past did, who gave numbers of (living room) concerts like few who came after them, I attempt to earn my wages at eye level with my audience. And I trust that there are people who value real music and, in the knowledge that I, as an artist have to eat and need a place to sleep, will pay good money for the pleasure of listening.

My Music In Your Home

If you enjoy my music, it will be my privilege to come and play for you. All I need is a chair, a power plug and for you to invite some people into your living room to enjoy the evening with.
I also play for special occasions. Whether it is a private celebration, a wedding, or any form of public event – I will find the right format for your needs. My prices are on a sliding scale – you decide what you can and want to pay.

You can also book my services in my double function as musician and celebrant. For more information click here

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